Do to the fast pace changes in technology in the marine industry Certified Dealerships have been required to stop servicing late model engines and boats. The technology increases have required engines older then 10 years of age to be considered VINTAGE.

Vintage engines create many issues in a shop environment including but not limited to:

  • Intermittent ignition systems
  • Rotted and/or deteriorated fuel lines, rubber and other gaskets
  • Hard to find and obsolete parts
  • Engine sitting too long
  • Fuel related issues
  • Carburetor issues
  • Seized or stuck parts
  • Technology older then technicians

Due to these various issues we face with vintage engines and the overhead cost of a properly ran certified service department we may not be able to flat rate these vintage engine repairs. If our service department agrees to work on a vintage engine then it is further understood that the work order will be billed at a straight time and material charge. We are not able to discount our time just because the engine is vintage. In addition it should be further understood by the customer that the cost to properly repair an issue on a vintage engine can become rather expensive. We will do our best to get all charges pre approved by the customer prior to commencing on said service. Vintage engines also have no guarantee that there will not be future mechanical, electrical and/or other engine issues once the vintage engine has been serviced by our technicians. For this reason we are not able to offer any warranty on our labor when it involves a vintage engine.

It is the mission of our service department to fix your engine PROPERLY with as little expenditure as possible to the customer. We ask your understanding in knowing that a certified dealership should not be expected to provide an ‘up to date’ trained technician to work on a vintage engine and also still charge vintage service rates. Our technicians are required to be trained on the current and most up to date technology, not be restoration mechanics. a minimum diagnostic fee will be required to work on all engine that enter our shop regardless of the outcome of the work order. We thank you for your understanding.

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