Winterization Warranty

I/O Winterization Warranty Policy

Taylor’s South Shore Marina, herein referred to as TSSM, will warranty your engine to be freeze free for a period of 12 months from the date of the winterization.

1. Unit was received in dealership prior to freezing temperatures.
2. Customers have TSSM perform a summarization/dewinetrization service before their first trip of the season OR an additional winterization on the unit within 12 months of last recorded winterization.
3. Tamper resistant seal must be in place at time of dewinterization.
4. In the event of a freeze condition where TSSM has no previous history servicing the unit, the customer must provide satisfactory evidence that the unit was properly winterized by a certified marine dealership for the previous 5 years.


  • Allows the marine grade anti-freeze to be captured in house and not run directly into the lake
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our 17 point vessel inspection that will ensure your boat is operational and ready for the water in the spring
  • Maintain the 12 month freeze protection policy


17 Point Inspection Includes:

Quick Charge of Battery
Load Test Batteries
Operational Check of all Switches
Check Anchor Light
Check Navigation Light
Check Courtesy Lights
Check Fire Extinguisher
Check Charging System
Check Horn
Check Bilge Pump
Check Livewell Pumps
Check/Verify Radio & Speakers
Check Trailer Lights
Start and Test Run Engine
Verify All Gauges are Reading
Check Trailer Bearings for Noise
Check and record Tire Pressure

Summerization Price:  $199.00

Winterization Customers get a $50.00 discount

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